How to love oral sex and give pleasure to a partner

Paradox, but, being an unconditional leader of the list of male sexual fantasies, fellation remains the most problematic type of contact for most women. Ekaterina Lyubimova, a sex-educated sex-educated sex-educated sexual skill is told about the terms.

Ekaterina Lyubimova, founder of the international network “Training Center Sex.RF ”, author of the bestseller“ What Men are silent about ”(AST, 2014).

It is unlikely that there will be a man who would refuse a good blowjob in the world. Meanwhile, many women are in no hurry to include this type of caress in the constant “intimate menu”. So what’s the deal? Having conducted almost a thousand trainings only in the direction of oral sex, I can confidently say that I know all the enemies of my beloved from male pleasures in the face. The most important of them is fear.

Most women refuse fellation trite due to that, that they are afraid to do something wrong, in particular-to injure his partner with teeth, to cause him unpleasant sensations and pain. To be frank, this fear is not without reason, because only about 10% of girls can boast of the ability to make a blowjob correctly. But it is easier to remove it – just learn to learn. Having studied the theory and crowding skills on a special simulator, women, as a rule, part with excitement and gain confidence in their actions. The “dental phobia” also leaves, because with the correct execution of most techniques, the head is mainly immersed closer to the sky, where it is no longer possible to “bite” it.

The second is truly massive problem – vomiting reflex. It is curious that for many it does not occur at the stage of deep immersion, but in the sky, which most often also signals the unwillingness or fear of having oral sex. Often he stretches from childhood and parental attitudes when it was customary to associate the genitals with something bad and dirty in the girl’s family. Another considerable part of women is hostile to fellation, perceiving it as a kind of violation of the boundaries of their personality. Finally, the gag reflex can be associated with real traumatic experience – for example, the girl faced the fact that the partner lost control of herself, entered her head too deep, provoking an extremely unpleasant physiological reaction. However, regardless of the reason, you can successfully and quite easily cope with vomiting reflex.

Another common fear of women is the need to swallow sperm. I must say, for many this is a really difficult test, while most men persistently want to complete oral sex just like that. The thing is that the difference in the temperature of the oral and air causes discomfort, reduces the severity of sensations, and in some cases it may even “roll back” the orgasm. In addition, many men are excited by the very tabularity of the idea of obtaining a discharge in the mouth of a partner.

Quite often, purely anatomical obstacles stand on the way to mutual pleasure from fellation, for example – a mismatch of the thickness of the penis and the opportunity to clasp him with his mouth, not to mention formats such as a deep throat blowjob. In addition, in women who rarely practice this type of sex, the jaw muscles can hurt and flow. In this case, practice also helps, because, like other body muscles, they can be developed.

Surprisingly, in the XXI century, among serious enemies, blowjob remains insufficient partner hygiene. According to the survey conducted by our network, this problem is in second place in the list of the main male intimate errors, more than a third of the girls suffer from it to one degree or another.

However, no matter what difficulty in the sphere of oral sex a modern woman encounters, she has every opportunity to get rid of him – seek help from a psychologist, visit practical trainings and work out on the simulator, use special lubricants and other intimate means. But it is worth remembering that the lack of obvious problems does not mean the presence of skill. Without exaggeration, oral sex is a real art. To master it masterfully, it takes a lot of time, effort and practice, and short life hacks are inappropriate here as the instructions like “5 rules are ridiculous, how to become a good pianist”. Nevertheless, all girls will beptlely know the basic principles that distinguish “just blowjob” from a really good blowjob.

Seductive image

In oral sex, the picture is fundamental. We can say that without it there is no oral sex for a man. Therefore, the more rich the visual series will be, the more pleasure you will bring to the partner. All the details are important here – the face, view, the process of

Bisous est en silicone médical avec une poignée en plastique blanc avec des boutons. Contrôle de jouet “Frank” maximum – dans votre disposition Trois boutons: “ON-OFF” (Il me semble que pour de tels développeurs cialis simplicité, un monument doit être mis), «Wave» – pour changer le mode vibration et la “rotation” – pour changer la vitesse de rotation. Les boutons sont mis en surbrillance, donc si vous dynamisez soudainement la zone, vous ne serez pas confus et ne resterez pas sans plaisir.

penetration of the penis into the mouth (in fact, at this moment the main attractiveness of the blowjob for the stronger sex) and, of course, we should not forget about the body. Men love exhibitionists – show yourself and what you are doing in detail. Choose poses so that the man has the maximum review (the best option is from under the hand of the partner). Do not hide your face behind your hair, try to demonstrate spectacular techniques and do not forget to periodically look a man in the eyes, as if telling him a look: “I like to do it”.

Real excitement

Contrary to the common stereotype, men are really important for their woman to enjoy. And if we are talking about a blowjob, it is doubly important, because for him this means that the partner likes his penis, she enjoys his smell and taste, that between them is complete intimacy and the adoption of each other. That is why a woman who makes a blowjob, as they say, “with a soul”, for the stronger sex, automatically becomes pleasant, and the craftswomen of oral caresses forever remain in their heart. Do not forget about the sound expression of pleasure. For some reason, many girls are shy of smoking, squishy and other natural sounds, considering them unnecessarily physiological and ill-winged. For men, on the contrary, this is the best soundtrack for oral sex.

Ideal technique

Each blowjob technique (several dozen of them) has its own nuances. But there are general principles, without which oral affection simply lose meaning. The first and main rule is the presence of an emphasis and resistance, similarly to those that a man feels with vaginal sex. Lips should always tightly wrap the penis, creating soft pressure, and moves down to go with pressure. When performing a blowjob, it is important to constantly stimulate the head of a member with a tongue, if possible alternating affection with deep immersion. You should always start at a slow pace, gradually increasing it, but not moving to too fast – this can cause discomfort and create the feeling that you are in a hurry to finish. An even more offensive for men and the common habit of girls is to constantly wrap the penis with their hands, thereby insuring themselves from deep penetration. You need to get rid of it: in addition to visual interference, for a man, this gesture means that his partner creates boundaries and does not enjoy oral sex.


Even in perfectly mastering science blowjob, do not forget about feedback. Of course, the ideal situation is when the man himself directly talks about his feelings. But such frankness can be expected from few representatives of the stronger sex, so their own observation will help. For example, if during a blowjob your partner leans back and closes his eyes, while his pupils are actively moving under the eyelids – this is a sign that it is worth “pulling up the materiel”: he fantasizes because you have not given him the right picture.

For more details see. On the site of the training center “Sex.RF “.

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