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We are certified to SOC II Type 2 and NAID AAA+ standards among others to ensure that our processes do not create exposure for your organization. You need records management that keeps you in total compliance, saves you money, prevents headaches, and protects your reputation. We also have the ability to maintain the integrity and value of your vital files by storing magnetic tape backups, medical x-rays, historical film, and photographs in a secure Access vault. Document Scanning and Imaging Transform paper files into digital documents.

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Document Management Archives, information and records form a continuum that needs to be managed holistically, and an integrated policy framework helps to support this. There are good reasons to archive content rather than simply delete it. And there are times when information which had been thought to be no longer useful later turns out to be needed.

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An efficient DMS streamlines your company’s workflow by digitizing the paper files stored in your archives and making the entire collaboration and retrieval process easier. Active documents are those accessed by your employees on a regular basis and many times are part of a business process in which actions have to be taken. In many cases, these documents often need to be accessed and processed by multiple parties in a short period of time. Once they are processed, they need to be stored but still be easily accessible. We take care of the archiving, digitalisation and destruction of your physical files and documents. As your competent and experienced partner, we carry out these processes for you and organise your document management.

  • They are critical to the delivery of WBG programs and services, drive collaboration and communication, and facilitate creativity and growth.
  • All natural subgroups should also be recognized at this level of arrangement, accounted for in the registration statement prepared for the record group, and kept separate physically as subdivisions of the record group when it is arranged in the stacks.
  • The Division of Archives and Records Management Center was the first county facility in the State of New Jersey designed and constructed for the purpose of records management.

A good archival system is one that is based on the principle of “maximum accessibility”. This means that the archives must be available to as many people as possible, at any time or place and in any format desired by the user. Archives also need to maintain their authenticity through preservation techniques such as microfilming or digitizing. Document management covers the management of electronic documents, whether they are knowledge or not.

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When references include the calendar year of issue, this should take the form , 4 digits within round brackets, e.g. If a document is re-issued, it should receive a new reference with the actual year of publication. This document has been classified confidential at the date of issue; it will be declassified in accordance with Resolution Res6 on access to Council of Europe documents. Secret applies to documents which can be accessed only by a specific group of persons, who are listed by name and given authorisation by the secretariat or body concerned . Records that have been reclassified or otherwise reorganized for proper reasons, that have been incompletely reorganized , or that have been merely tampered with by would — be “methodizers” before being transferred to the archives depository.


The Colorado State Archives is authorized by statute to prepare retention and disposition schedules for state agencies, municipalities and counties, school districts and special districts in Colorado. These schedules authorize legal destruction of records that are no longer of value to the agency, and they advise agency officials as to which records must be retained permanently. Reference Archivists are primarily involved with helping users and researchers identify and access materials from an institution’s holdings.

KM Component 38 – Archiving, Document Management, and Records Management

Records Retention Schedules Develop and maintain a robust retention schedule that aligns with your policies. If you need more in-depth assistance, please email us at with your question. Please be sure to write “Records Retention Question” in the subject line. Regularly review and move records according to your records review cycle . You may be able to access teaching notes by logging in via your Emerald profile.

Biden Archives pick languishes in Senate as records agency under fire – USA TODAY

Biden Archives pick languishes in Senate as records agency under fire.

Posted: Tue, 21 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

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